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High-Quality Business Process Outsourcing at Scale

We take customer service, technical support, and back office off your plate—and make them better. From day one, you’ll get a dedicated team who’ll help you manage quality at high volumes, quickly train new team members, and improve your business processes. With TNABAS as your solutions provider, you can focus on building your business, while your customers get the exceptional service they deserve.

Customer Support

We offer high-quality customer service through email, phone, chat, and social media.

Technical Support

We’re experts in providing technical support for both hardware and software companies.


We can take care of sales lead research, lead qualification, list-building, and more.

Scale Your Customer Service Team Quickly

When you’re struggling to keep up with a growing number of customer service or technical support tickets, we’ll help you build a new team or supplement your existing one with the right kind of talent

When your business is growing fast, you can’t afford to spend eight weeks finding and training each and every new hire. We can have your foundational team up and running in a few weeks. New team members can typically be onboarded quickly. With Tnabas as your partner, customer service will never be the bottleneck that’s slowing down your business growth.


An Experienced Team at Your ServicE

Each client team is under the leadership of a dedicated account manager, who’ll help you set goals for the team, report on the team’s performance, and make concrete recommendations based on the reports. Our customer service agents have years of industry experience—and glowing recommendations to match

We listen to our customers

Get to Know the TNABASTeam

TNABAS is a rapidly growing customer service and business process outsourcing company based in Hyderabad, India.

Our global delivery model allows us to provide service from the U.K, Canada and the U.S. We hire the best agents in the business and we’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed.


TNABAS is a located just minutes from Madhapur circle. One major advantage of working with a nearshore contact center is there are many cultural similarities due to its proximity to India. Our agents are fluently bilingual and bicultural, so there’s no language barrier and they are better able to build rapport with Global clients.


Modification of our office in RR Towers was completed in 2020. Our facility is equipped with the following amenities: * 300 seat capacity * Infrastructure that allows us to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with maximum efficiency. * Larger cubicles, white boards, , and spacious common areas.

Leadership Experience

Our team has developed and implemented innovative strategies for companies like yours; these strategies are not only diverse, but successfully proven.

Continual Process Improvement

In our continued pursuit for excellence, we regularly fine-tune our methods to ensure that your business achieves optimal results.

Proven Technology Platform

Using modern technologies and systems (backed by our knowledgeable support team), we make certain that your business receives the best in desired continuity and heightened security.


We incite and maintain employee engagement through fun challenges and by providing the opportunity to earn rewards; this improves productivity and increases morale.

Frequently Asked Questions

BPO stands for business process outsourcing and it involves contracting a third-party to provide specific business functions. Various operational processes are necessary to make a business run; however hiring a permanent

Several market factors in the India, including the recent increase in the minimum wage, the rising cost of infrastructure and the ever-changing demand for new technology, has made the value of outsourcing more prominent than ever before.

Outsourcing will reduce labor costs, operational costs and technology costs. It eliminates the budget that would be necessary for recruitment and training. It also reduces the need to invest in office space, furniture, equipment, human resource functions and technology. The cost savings can enable a business to maintain lower rates, which will improve its competitive advantage in the market.

TNABAS offers a number of services that will be useful in reaching your business goals. These offerings include customer service, inbound and outbound sales, customer retention, lead generation, technical support, facility and procurement, payment processing, management, accounting and receivables, direct response marketing, administration and back office processing.

TNABAS provides a competitive advantage that sets it apart from other BPO organizations. This competitive advantage includes leadership experience, continual process improvement, gamification and a proven technology platform.

This four-part competitive advantage ensures the success of your contract with TNABAS every step of the way. Through this advantage, TNABAS’s leadership team is led by a “solution oriented” mindset. Continual process improvement establishes key performance indicators, which are measured and adjusted to achieve results. TNABAS employees are consistently motivated through gamification challenges and contests. The proven technology platform provides that TNABAS is utilizing state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your business security and continuity.

TNABAS currently has more than 100 staff members and has the capacity to hire 300 employees in total. These employees have superior English speaking skills and nearly all of the agents can speak English at a native level. 

The TNABAS facility is located at heart of the Hyderabad in RR TOWERS, Madhapur, which allows the team to operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with maximum efficiency.

The benefit of TNABAS’s location is it is a One hour distance from International Airport, Five Minutes from Hitech city – Cyber Towers and walkable distance from Metro and Bus Stations. This significantly reduces the travel costs of partnering with an offshore BPO.

Connect with us today to learn more about our offerings and to see if TNABAS’s services are the right fit for your business. Call us at +91 84 6602 6602 or email us at coo@tnabas.com

As we continually advance and thrive we are searching for talented, driven people to join our team to help us grow and share in our prosperity. TNABAS’s goal is to not only provide the best for our customers, but also to nurture the careers of our team members to bigger heights.

If you are ready to be part of a winning, collaborative culture where advancement is encouraged and performance is rewarded, embrace the opportunity today.

Join our team by sending your resume to careers@tnabas.com or reach us on +91 84 6602 6602

Once you treat your employees like celebrities, their job is to treat every customer like one as well!
Anvesh Seshasai
If One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising!!
Sai Prakash

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